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Marijuana Policy


The likelihood of arrest or incarceration for using marijuana, or “cannabis,” has dropped dramatically in the U.S. However, policies that create a loosely regulated, legal, for-profit recreational cannabis industry along the lines of the tobacco industry are posing new threats of increasing addiction and other health hazards in the U.S.  And although medical cannabis can help some patients, claims of its benefits have not been subjected to rigorous research. SNAP disseminates research findings that can help policymakers avoid both the damage of aggressive punishment and aggressive corporate promotion of cannabis.

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Scope of the Problem: Marijuana consumption has doubled in the past decade. More than 13% of young adults not in college report using marijuana daily or near daily, an all-time high.  Extremely high potency forms of cannabis have emerged in multiple countries in recent years and are increasingly used. Heavy cannabis use, particularly during adolescence, raises risk of poor academic performance, problems with memory and concentration, and... Read more